Get A Highly-Converting Facebook Motivated Seller Leads Campaign 100% Done For You

Get Motivated Seller Leads coming in directly to your inbox daily. We will build a custom FB Lead Campaign + Ad Sets/Ads (Including all copy, images, & video) directly in your account.

What People Are Saying

"Getting motivated sellers to come to me, and calling them back on MY schedule, has completely changed my wholesaling business."
-Jeff R.
"At first I got 10 leads per week, then 20, and now 30 warm leads from Facebook every week. It totally works if you stick with it! This is amazing!"
-Lily P.
"I got 10 leads in my first 2 weeks in a slow market. 3 of those are deals, and 1 stands to profit $50k! Definitely well worth the investment."
-Arnuk L.

How It Works

Step 1: Onboarding Call

We jump on a Zoom or Facebook Video call for about 20 mins to get our accounts setup.

Step 2: We Build Your Ads

This is where the magic happens. We set up a custom campaign, ad sets, & ads inside your account.

Step 3: Enjoy The Leads!

Your leads will start rolling in to your Facebook Page, and you'll be notified by email.

Hang On, It Gets Better!

Facebook continually optimizes your ads, so you should get even better results as time goes on.

Every Lead Is A 'Warm' Lead!

Our Strategy

Wake up in the morning. Check your leads. Call them back on YOUR schedule!

We will look at your target market and setup your ads to target your ideal motivated seller, and focus them in areas where you have less competition. We use our extensive knowledge of geo-targeting and geo-layering, along with data to systematically show your ads to the right people.

Once the leads start rolling in, closing a deal is a walk in the park. Imagine you wake up in the morning, check your phone and login to Facebook. You see 3 new leads who have responded to your ads since yesterday morning. Now simply call/text them back on your schedule.

Better yet, all of these leads that are generated are actually ‘warm leads’. This is because they have already seen your business online and responded positively to your marketing. So when you call your motivated seller leads back, you already know they have the intent to sell their home!

Numbers Speak

This represents estimated numbers based on average performance for our clients.

Results are not guaranteed.

Ad Spend
$ +

Industry Average with paid advertising is $30-$60 per click for REI. However, we are currently achieving $30 per lead in most markets.

Still Have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When it comes to hiring an Advertiser to run Paid Ads on your behalf, there are two numbers you need to know.

1) Your Advertiser’s Fee For Service

2) What you are spending on Ads

You will pay your Advertiser either once, or on a monthly basis a set ‘Fee’ for their expertise and their service. The ‘Ad Spend’ is the regular amount of money you are using to power your Ads on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Ad Spend is typically paid directly to your Ads platform (i.e. Facebook, Google, ec).

Yes! When our accounts are paired, we will only be allowed to create Ads on your behalf. We cannot access any of your payment information.

Facebook goes to great lengths to protect their advertisers and partners, as well as their users.

We can usually have the Campaign, Ad Sets, Ads, & Necessary Forms built and submitted for Approval the same day as our Onboarding Call.

Once the ads are submitted, Facebook then has to review those ads before they go live. This may cause delays but is necessary to run ads on their platform. This review process typically takes less than 6hrs but can at times run longer.

This means that once we have our Onboarding Call, your ads should start the following day. If we’re just building the ads for you, then we will stay in your account for 3 days to make sure the ads are running smoothly but after 3 days has passed we will remove ourselves from your account.

Absolutely. We aim to provide a high-quality service, but if you’re not hapy with the results you may cancel at any time. Money paid is non-refundable, however the unused portion of your last month can be prorated back to you.

You may also wish to pause your ads instead of cancelling service entirely. This can be done easily at any time in your Ad Manager or by reaching out to us and requesting it.